Monday, November 2, 2009

GarageBand - Editing software instrument tracks

I know it's a shock, here I am posting two days in a row! Now that my tutorials are on YouTube, people are watching them and sending back questions. As questions come through my YouTube email, I will post them here as well.

When I record a software instrument, how can I edit where it begins and where it ends? Example: I click add new track, I click software instrument, I use the grand piano and record something. I double click it and the track editor comes up, and want to delete the time it took for me to press the button to stop recording. How do I do that?


When editing green tracks, you can to split the track then delete the section you don't want to keep. Here is what I would do:

1) Make sure the track isn't locked. Locking frees up your processor, uses less power, and saves your track from unintentional changes. Locking is good if you have finished editing that part and you want to save power, but locking is bad if you want to make changes. If the track is locked, the lock icon will look like this:

2) To unlock, click the padlock. When it goes to gray, you can edit the track.
3) Place the playhead/cursor at the spot where you want to cut.
4) From the menu, choose edit>split.
5) Click outside the track (so it's not all bright green anymore) to deselect the recording.
6) Click on the section of the track (now separate from the rest) that you want to delete. It will turn bright green.
7) Press the delete key or choose edit>delete from the menu.

Hopefully, that will work for you! Keep those questions coming :-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

GarageBand Tutorials Have a New Home!

Yes, I know ... I keep saying I will post more often, but life keeps getting in the way of that. After my summer classes at Boise, I left the next day for a family vacation in Oregon. I came back and had two weeks to pack my oldest off to college, shop for school supplies and clothes for the other two kids, unpack my classroom, and get ready to teach new curriculum to six grade levels (485 students now). The first day of school was my first day for my fall semester Boise class. Needless to say, I have gone through my entire quota of Jolt mints (caffeine is my friend) with several weeks left to go in the semester.

I digress. One of my assignments for Boise this week was to do a video response to a discussion question classmates put on YouTube. I created a YouTube account in 2008 but didn't do anything with it and now I was inspired. I've been holding off moving my GarageBand tutorials off the Boise server because I didn't want to go over my limit on my Yahoo website account. Problem solved - I uploaded my lovely GarageBand Tutorials to my YouTube channel. People have somehow found my Guitar Roadtrip and GarageBand Tutorials (they send me nice emails) and I am hoping that more people will find the GarageBand Tutorials now that they are on YouTube. I had to do some editing on my web pages when I moved them over to my site but it was fun. Of course, I really should have been doing lessons plans, but I couldn't resist!

Here is a link to the new home for my GarageBand instructional materials:, and my YouTube Channel: If you hurry you can see me in my chicken hat on YouTube. But you can bet your buttons that my Accessibility video will be yanked off YouTube the second this class is over! Better hurry ...